“Would you capture it? Or just let it slip?” – Eminem

I’ve fallen more times than I can remember. If my knees could talk, they would scream obscenities. They would speak about drastic falls, scrapes, scars and general dissatisfaction with being beaten up so much. I remember when my legs gave out, legitimately, and it was only then when I truly appreciated how important these legs were I walk on each and every day.

It’s time to make one great stand. I’m taking a stand for the power of love and possibility.

Writing has been difficult lately. It wasn’t a block, no, it was something much deeper than that. I tend to find that I never really have a problem writing unless there is some massive moral dilemma going on inside (which there was). That moral dilemma stemmed from an over complication of this project. There was too much thinking of “what is the next step?” versus just living the next step…and just letting it come to me.

Way back when I started this project, the aim was much much simpler. Write out one thing a day that you learned. Over time, the project got more complicated as, well, my thoughts got more complicated. I think it happened naturally as the comments started to stream in and I started to read more and more stories of others out there. As things became clearer to me, the doors opened up for me to start questioning life more. And as I started asking more questions…ooohhhhh boy did things become a little more complicated.

“What the hell am I doing?” Has been a pretty common question lately. Not “Why am I doing this?” I know why I am doing this project. That makes complete sense to me. But I have sincerely asked myself the question over the past few months…”What the hell am I doing?” over and over again, and really didn’t come up with any worthwhile answer. But I think the silence was the point of it all.

A long time ago I saw a quote that said, “Don’t tell people your dreams…show them.” I think that is probably one of the best statements I have ever read. In truth, I have been guilty of coming up with big plans and then letting them flop. This project has been subjected to the previous statement, and I fully intend to correct that. And as I look into what I am about to do, I am reinvigorated. I am determined to give this that grand effort. And I’m not going to tell you what it is. In fact, it will be much better that way.

When you aren’t getting the results you want, change your input. Remember that. I am taking it to heart.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project