I sit before you a very lucky man. And I have to tell you, I am so thankful for everything I have and the opportunities that I have been given. I am healthy, young, strong-willed and ready. These are gifts. Gifts that shouldn’t ever be overlooked.

I took some time to settle into downtown Los Angeles, a whole new world in itself. My work, this place, the people, the smells….are all new. That list goes on endlessly really. But there are things that do not change about you when you change your entire life. In fact, there are things that will always stick with you no matter what. Tonight I want to talk about dreams.

If your dreams don’t scare the shit out of you, well, they just aren’t big enough. I believe however that the bigger you dream the longer it takes to accept these dreams. There’s a courting process. You go on your first date with your dreams when you decide to pick them up and there’s a time period when you are a bit uncomfortable with the dream across from you because you don’t know it too well. You kinda stare at each other, flirt a little bit, get settled in, and if it’s right, you commit. And isn’t that the word that makes all the magic in the world happen. Commitment. Commitment to something means that you only accept results. Interest means you dabble with it, you know, stick your toe in the water once in a while.

And I will come out and say it. I am committed to writing The Better Man Project for the rest of my life, but everything else was an interest to me. I was interested in doing video blogs. I was interested in posting pictures as inspiration for people. There were a lot of things that I was interested in, and as a consequence, sometimes they would happen, and sometimes they wouldn’t.

So let me share with you my dreams – the ones sitting across from me, looking beautiful at the dinner table.

My dream looks like this. Me, Evan Sanders, before I turn 30 stands before you as the #1 motivational speaker in the world, who is not just one of the best motivators out there, but a man who is in shape (ridiculously in shape), lives very comfortably, travels the world speaking to people of all different types, runs a foundation for social good, spends time helping underprivileged children and inspiring their dreams, writing books, becoming a master in positive psychology, has millions of  followers who believe in the message I am professing. There are of course other parts to the dream, but that’s the meat of it. For the longest of time I had been staring at this dream seeing how beautiful it is, but I forgot to talk! I forgot to say something or do something. I just sat there with this dumb smile on my face. It’s time to wink at it.

I am going to do my best to show you. Of course I will write about the process along the way, but I really want to show you the only thing that really matters in relation to getting things done: results. And I will close on this. Henry Ford once said, “You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.” Amen. Let’s go.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project