When I first started writing, everything in me was focused on trying to “understand” everything. I was trying to understand how come others weren’t playing by the same rules as I was, why certain things seemed to happen over and over again, and why I felt like life was a series of one step forward two steps backward scenarios. In short, I was writing blind. I found that quote above today diving into Pinterest and it couldn’t have hit closer to home.

I never knew myself because I never heard my voice. I was always lost because I had no personal direction. So I left. I went searching and left everyone behind. Where did I go? Within.

As the days go by, I start to realize that life is a series of events that can either turn into memories or opportunities. Throughout the day, there will be things that come up that you can either seize or watch them fade for one reason or another. It could be as simple as a woman smiling at you from across the bar to a big opportunity at work. Nonetheless, the opportunities are there if your eyes are open. But I think that’s the hardest part. How do you know when the opportunities are there? That’s where the quote above comes into play. You will begin to hear your voice over time and there will be a whisper that says, “Go for it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.” You find your best in these moments. You find that little “umphh” that you have always known was there but could never call on it when you truly wanted to.

Really give it everything you’ve got. The seconds, hours, minutes, days go by whether you like them to or not. You have a choice. A pretty big choice. That choice is to put all the love and passion you can into the world or to play a mediocre game. It has taken me up until today to realize that the lessons I have learned throughout this project (Love. Passion. Never Quit) were meant to be molded into the concept of Carpe Diem. Seize the day. I learned those lessons so when opportunity comes my way, I can stay true to myself and do things with some soul-on-fire vigor. With that, I can’t go wrong.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project