I left the room

Away from the party

Away from my friends

And sat down on the bed

Warmth came over me

As I rested my head on His shoulder

Sheets brilliant white

No face

No figure

But safety

Warmth…like I said before

Soul heating energy

Like sitting on seat warmers in the car after a long day of skiing

But even more than that

And as I laid there

I asked

So you mean to tell me there’s…

“Of course there are.”

So you mean to tell me there’s…

“Yeah, they pop up every once in a while.”

So you mean to tell me there’s…

“I think you know the answer to that question Evan.”

And then the conversation went silent

But I was still asking questions in my head

And question after question was answered

And life as I saw it flashed

Event after event

All came to the front of the stage

No pain

No suffering

Just clarity

At this point –  I understood

It was clear

I woke up to tears streaming down my face

Warmth despite my wet hands wiping my eyes

Forever changed

Forever warm

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project