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The Backfield Press

Written by inspirational writer and former baseball pitcher Evan Sanders from The Better Man Project.


I’ll never forget the day.

Headphones in. “Shoot to thrill” by AC/DC pumping in my ears. Head bobbing to the rhythm. Glove in hand, ball in the other. Sitting on the bucket breathing getting ready for the game. That moment was the start to a very special day. That day, was none other than the biggest and most anticipated pre-season game of my junior year. Our crosstown rivals had a pitcher who was predicted to be a top 10 pick in the draft that year and a team full of Division 1 prospects. They fancied themselves to be a pretty good team, which they were, but we knew that we were going to give them hell. I knew, even though I was nervous sitting on the bucket listening to my music, that I was…

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