Would you believe me if I told you that I sit here typing to you with my eyes closed? You would be surprised with how much you learn about writing itself when you close your eyes to the lines of letters running across the page and just…feel. Even if it is your hands pattering across the keys there is an almost musical rhythm to the process. Your head begins to move along with the words…it bobs up and down, and you begin to put the physical self in the words that splatter on the page. CLose your eyes for a minute, and for the first time see what your world looks like.

There are two incredible forces each of us confront each and every day. They are the forces of intent and action. Alone, these  ideas are very powerful. Intent represents what our heart wants down to its core. Our intent is what drives us to do good or evil in this world. Action, well actions is probably the most powerful thing in this world. Because ideas without a body are simply ideas 0 no matter what they look like. However, when you start acting upon those ideas, incredible things are created. I mean it…incredible things.

The two though, when separated, create thunderstorm within you.

You could have the best intentions in the world but if you do not act on them the world will not be so forgiving. But even deeper…you will create a hole in yourself that becomes deeper and more visible by the day. You heart wants one thing and you sabotage it by not giving the idea legs. Maybe it’s not even an idea, maybe its a want or need that you know will fulfill you in the greatest of ways…and yet time after time the process is ruined by an uninspired mind.

But when you unite the two…intent and action…whole new worlds can be created.

It became clear to me that doing things with interest isn’t going to yield me with any great results. Roald Dahl has a great quote in which he says that we need to do everything with white-hot passion. Warm or hot are no good. You have to embrace everything about your passion and give it everything because truly no one else can create what you have dreamed. Even if the idea has been done before, it has never been done the way you could do it. The original idea resides within your head, and if you listen or create all the excuses in the world, you will never create something beautiful and unique.

I will always come back to this because it becomes more true as my days go on…and I was given a piece of advice by my best friend last night that I wont ever forget. He told me that the people who really deserve my time are those who truly appreciate me and care about me for exactly the person I am and will always support my dreams and goals…and those who can’t see that or don’t want to be a part of that will just leave over time and there is nothing that I can do about it. Because truthfully it is much better to have a handful of absolutely incredible friends who would go to battle for you than a platoon of deserters. I mean look at what the Fellowship in Lord of the Rings did. We have been attacked by a social virus that makes you think that having millions of followers or friends online actually makes you loved in person. Couldn’t be farther from the truth. Don’t get me wrong there are incredible things that can be created from SM…however, remember how we were talking about intent and action? There needs to be relationships created outside of texting, chatting and comments. That’s where the soul’s gold is.

This post is a bit scattered because there is a lot to talk about, but if I had to really sum it all up it would be this: lead a quality life…not one of quantity.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project