And all at once, my purpose became clear to me. It had been shown to me in glimpses throughout my life before, but in this moment, it all became so clear that it went right past my eyes and mind and straight into my heart.

Years ago, I started a journey to become a better man. This journey has fulfilled me in ways that I never could have imagined at the time. I learned the importance of love, passion, and never quitting. I was also taught the importance of having goals in life and using them to drive the vehicle of where you want to go and who you want to be. But over this past week, and I have purposefully neglected writing here because I had no words to even explain what had happened, I was reminded of the most important lesson of all: unconditional love.

And as I was taught this lesson as I  woke up from my worst all those years ago, I was re-taught it in the most extraordinary fashion. The vision does not come from the mind, but rather comes from deep within me somewhere in the depths of my heart. It drives me. It gives me purpose. It has awesomely infected the rest of my life. And as of 1.13.13…it made me take my first step on a long journey.

I think there are moments in life that you will remember forever. In these past days, there are many that will be engrained into my mind that will never be forgotten. Not because of the visual event, but rather due to the fact that I for the first time in my life was speechless…and remained speechless for quite some time. I will never forget sitting on those steps and having an idea dropped into my head and the subsequent endless expansion of my dreams.

I think many will say there comes an opportunity once in a great while that cannot be missed. I think I see mine right here, and I know in my heart that I have to seize it with every ounce of passion and determination I have in my body.

So here’s to the future.

May it be lined with love.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project