How do we turn what is deep within us into something that is visible to the world? Like an iceberg, can we elevate ourselves beyond the current horizon and bring forth the honest and substantial principles that lay deep within us? How do we turn the invisible into something substantial?

We must devote ourselves to an ideal.

A man becomes more than the physical form he is attached to when he makes a decision to become something greater than which he currently is. But what do you devote your life to? What makes you itch? What is it that would make you push through all the pain of growth? What would fulfill you?

I have come across this question many times throughout my life so far – and yet the real answer has eluded me for quite some time. What ends up happening is that the answer you originally had often of times is only on the surface. It came from what you could see in front of you. But as we can see above, it is in the depths of our hearts that we find our  drive.

To inspire people to live their lives with relentless drive, bold risk taking, courageous vulnerability and inspiring action.

The vision is key. Without it – you represent an uncontrolled lightning storm.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project