At times you can feel lost. But those time fade and then you are found. You find the answers you have been seeking. You hear the voice inside start speaking up again. And you look yourself in the mirror with a sense of clueless pride – not because you are clueless in your entirety, but because you are excited with where you have arrived – and happily baffled by where you will go next.

Vision helps you start the journey, but a great deal of the time we do not end up where we thought we were going to. That’s the point. There is always something great to be found on our journey towards achieving our dreams. A great deal of the time we get lost. I mean really lost – to the point where you almost lose your vision. But it’s okay to get stuck in the woods for a while. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.

When you get lost, you have to go back to the basics. What got me here? What can I do that has made me successful in the past? What attitude  did I have when I accomplished that goal? Most of the time you have the answers, it just takes some patience to find them. Root around for a while – they will come.

I look back on the years that have come and gone and see great victory through fantastic defeat. There was a time that this was all I knew. Great struggle. But what has thrown me off  lately is that all of the work that I have invested into myself has prevented many of those great defeats from happening. Because they are not there and that is mostly what I always knew, life seemed pretty dull at times. But I think for me, the ability to slow down completely and appreciate the silence is huge. To be perfectly happy in the calm. Sounds a bit funny at times, but it is entirely true. The peaceful waters are a gift to the sailor who has been toiling on the high seas of life.

The rough waters will come again – that’s just life. But for the meantime, I will let my boat drift along and enjoy the quiet.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project