When you choose the path less traveled by you are always confronted with uncomfortable situations that will test the strength of your skin. On the journey there will be shrubs, twigs, and thorns that grab at your limbs and leave you with cuts. Some are little…some burn deep…and every once in a while you are delivered a wound that demands your full attention. Many turn away after starting down this road. “There’s no way through! It’s all underbrush. I can’t get ย through that I will hurt myself!” So they turn to the path traveled by many…where the gardeners hedge back the bushes and a clear and easy road is paved for those to walk down. The easy way out attracts many.

What have I found? It’s not easy…and the crazy part of it is…I am still fully in it swinging away with my machete attempting to pave a path for myself. But I am at that point in the brush where I have to make a decision of which way to go ย and what to do. I do know one thing though – I know who I am going to be while doing it.

There comes a point when you have to start enjoying how absolutely clueless you are. Yah, I said it. But seriously for a second. To be honest, I really have gone into this with no clue of what I am doing or how to get to the final destination (at least where I believe the final destination is). This is really scary at times. I have also let this fear of not knowing take focus away from what I was working on at the moment. But it dawned upon me today that to be given a gift and give it less than 100% is to completely sacrifice the gift itself.

So as I go into this next 30 days…I will go with a full heart and lots of passion. I will accept the cuts and scrapes that come along with the path not traveled by many. I will accept the fact that I don’t necessarily know where I am going…but I know the only way to get to where I want to be is by forging my own way. Let’s do this together.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project