Sometimes you have to look back and see how far you have come.

I know its difficult when you spend so much time looking at your goals + appreciating the current moment…but I think it is necessary to give yourself credit where the credit is due. As time has gone on, my view of the past for me has changed drastically. It used to be a place I lived in – then it turned into a place that I feared – then to a place where I looked for inspiration – and most of the time now, it has become a time of my life that I can smile at. I think, out of all things, this the biggest change that I have ever gone through. Because if you can control your view on your story, you have the power to create a new one.

Take a look back, tip your cap to your story, and then go get the new one. Before you can accomplish anything in life, you have to accept your current condition. You can’t keep running from it, because it is your shadow. It is only when you accept the fact that it is indeed your shadow can you begin a new journey to create a new shadow. The fact is, you can never split yourself from your past…but you can always drastically change what you are doing now, because after that moment, you have created something that will make its mark on your story.

How will your story read at the end of your life?

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project