Those strokes of brilliance never come at the time you would expect them to. But yesterday, while mowing the lawn…yes…mowing the lawn – which is a cathartic activity in itself – I had a moment of significant mental clarity as the blades of long grass turned into sharp clean layers. And of course, it all relates back to life.

Sometimes the weeds grow in our mind. Those long, spiky, ugly greens that eventually overrun anything they come into contact with if you let them. But in the mind you cannot take out the RoundUp and spray it everywhere. Half the time when you do that on the lawn or around the yard you don’t actually kill the weed…you just killed the top layer. The visible part. But the roots are still lurking out of sight. In life, you have to get down to the root of the problem. Uncover what is really going on in your mind. You have to be vulnerable. You have to be honest.

So I am walking, mowing the lawn…and there was that strike of mental clarity. “Evan…you do this because _____.”…Woah…the root of the biggest weed in my mind was no exposed. And just like the grass…I cut it.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project