Do you have the stones for it? The stones for what? For it.

Sitting in the car with my dad the other day, I asked him about the speeches he has given throughout the years and which one was his favorite. “I think the risk speech I gave was my favorite,” he said. “What was that about?” He then dropped on me an equation I will never forget.

Your commitment and excitement of it succeeding has to be > your fear of it failing.

This is a sliding scale too. Often of times there are moments where the failures stack up, and you question the other side. But the scale must never live in the favor of the side of failure. It must be tipped towards belief. Because there are so many reasons that it wont work…I promise you. The past…a huge one. In fact, most venture capital firms prefer to back first time entrepreneurs because they are hungry, over the seasoned ones because they are less likely to take risk because they know the game.

But it does come down to the question of whether or not you have the stones…the guts…the fortitude to make it happen?

Which side of the equation are you?

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project