Les Brown in his speech “Step Into Your Greatness” describes an event in his life where he got down on himself, and didn’t slow down the “car of his life,” he just decided to get off the road and park. He stayed off the road, he went back to his comfort zone, and didn’t even give himself the opportunity to be helped by those who were around him. I’ve listened to this speech, all 48 minutes of it, 10 times in the past week and a half. Why?

I parked.

I have an interesting life in one particular way. At time it can be incredibly frustrating, and at times it is very fruitful. But because I play a big game in life, the problems that come with this mentality are monumental. They stack up on me, I get stressed out…I still perform…but things can get pretty sporty sometimes. The result of all of this is that I got to a place where I accomplished something that I was working on work almost a year, felt how anticlimactic it was, and then I parked. I parked because I saw my potential, and got scared of it. I am still scared of it. But, I know that I have to start on all of this before I am ready. And that is exactly what I am going to do.

“A setback is a setup for a comeback.” – Les Brown

I’m coming back. Yesterday, I called out for help from a few people, and they sent me things that were incredibly supportive and nice. They picked me up when I was feeling down. And it was in this moment though, the moment where I asked for someone to help jumpstart my car, that I knew I had driven back to the highway of life and was ready to start driving again.

Someone who is becoming closer and closer to me keeps reminding me of something really important that I yelled out last night during a toast. “Too blessed to be stressed.” But it is true, I have incredible people in my life. In fact, I have an incredible life in general. I am supported by family, friends, and thousands and thousands of people who read what I have to write every single day. I just released my heart and soul in the form of a book, and now I am patiently waiting till March so I can take the funds I have received…and invest them back into myself and my dreams. I am going to go do some big things. I know it.

So today I fill my heart with what’s important and I am going to be done with all the rest. What is important? Love, Passion, and Never Quitting. But what else is important to me besides what is mentioned before? Going out and showing other people that they can take something, a dream or a vision, and turn it into reality. That dream or vision can relate to their body, their mind, or their heart. But it is also about inspiring other people to live powerful and impassioned lives. If I can lead my life that way…if I can make that my goal and speak to your heart and overthrow all of the excuses in your mind, then my last day on this earth with be a very happy one.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project