There were tears of happiness coming out of me this evening for a few reasons, and as I looked at the blog and say that I would have the privilege to officially write Day (365) tonight…I couldn’t contain the emotions that overcame me.

Even at this moment, while I am incredibly happy, I am still choked up even thinking about everything. I can’t believe that I am at the place where I am at now. I can’t believe that I am still writing. I can’t believe that I am on the brink of accomplishing one of the biggest dreams I have ever had in my entire life. There are just too many people to thank, too much to explain…too many emotions to deal with all at once. I cannot tell you how happy I am to be here….to be writing in front of you all…to be starting a another journey that will explode once the book launches…and to be proud of who I am at this point with the mindset of looking forward and constantly improving. All I can say is thank you.

I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be. As I read through the book for the last time in its entirety…music, formatting, etc…I look back on this past year of writing…and am just astounded to read some of my first posts. Not for any negative reasons, but because I recognize the voice coming out of those words scribbled on the paper. And after reading and reading and reading…and after looking into the lives of all of my heroes and of those who have accomplished the impossible in life…I realize that it all comes down to 1 thing.


Invictus defined means unconquerable soul.

To me, if you refuse to be conquered, to continue battling no matter what…to fight as if your life is at stake (which it is)…you will succeed. The world will move out of your way eventually because it cannot take your resilience. You will move mountains, you will accomplish things you never thought you could have. I am incredibly humbled by the fact that I even made it here in the first place. But I do remember having a vision. A vision of me smiling, being surrounded by wonderful people, and happy because I had turned my life into what I have wished it to be. I feel like that day, will be February 9th…the book launch party…where people from around the country are attending. That is an honor in itself. I can’t wait to hear what you get from the book.

I look myself in the mirror at the end of the day…and say “Evan, while you still have a whole world to understand and learn from, and while you have achieved many of your goals…you still have much much more to accomplish…dont settle….keep dreaming big…keep trying…and eventually, lightening will strike. Luck is what happens when preparation and opportunity meet. Keep going.”

Lets go places together. Turn this ship around. Create something infectious. The power of dreams and love can transform everything.

To the next years worth of writing.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project