Yes it’s 4am…and I’m dead awake.

Whatever path you are on right now…take a moment to consider. “What am I considering?” Everything.

There is no way to fully understand where you are traveling, if you don’t know the ground you are walking on. Keep the end goal in sight, but you also have to check in with yourself each and every day to ensure that you are living the words you preach. Love. Passion. Never Quit.

I was just woken up by one of the most significant dreams I have had in a long time…and in that dream, someone spoke to me. And now here I am, writing away. I am about to embark on something that is going to change my life…drastically. It is going to alter the course that I am on in a way that I cannot fully understand, and I have chosen this willingly. However, and this is the however that has injected the need to write in my brain at this hour…am I living, with a full heart during the time that precedes this monumental event. No.

Unconditional Love…defined…is to love somebody with no conditions or circumstances: to love completely. I will take it a step further and say that you love the people around you exactly for who they are, and exactly for who they aren’t.

It is really easy to start pointing out what is wrong in the relationships around us. But it seems that I have been given a lesson in something that I have not been given in a long time. A long time ago, I was taught what love is and what loving people is truly about. Yes it hurts sometimes, but the warmth that you get from loving people to death far exceeds the cold sting you receive from the natural law that people will leave you. And by the way, there is nothing wrong with that.

I was taught during this time that there are no boundaries to your love. You either do, or you don’t. There are no conditions. There are no limits. It is purely unconditional.

When I came out of this part of my life, I wanted to be a man who no matter what could love the people around him. A man that people could just know that there was unbelievable warmth in his arms…and would go to him no matter what. That despite their suffering, their path, their past, their failures or anything else…they could come to me for one of the things I stand for…love. But I closed off that valve for a while…and in effect, that closed off me.

Running at 2/3’rds speed.

I realize now, at 4:45am…that that short diversion on the path I was on taught me something that I will probably never forget. I wasn’t put here on this planet to have any valve on this unconditional love I possess. I wasn’t put here to show nothing short of a fiery passion. And I wasn’t put here to do anything but strive…and often fail…but never quit.

A problem identified…is a situation that can be fixed.

Unconditional Love. Fiery Passion. Never Quitting.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project