I believe that the definition of hell is the day you are on your deathbed…and the ghost of the person you could have become appears in front of the person you are. To me, this is the scariest image possible…and if it doesn’t motivate me into action…it scares me into it. I truly do fear this concept…and that makes me work as hard as I can, every single day, to become something extraordinary. But most of all, it pushes me to the point of creating something…so when it is my time to go…I will not feel the cold touch of death and experience that image of hell…but to feel a warm hand, and to have been everything I could have been.

You have to let go of the person who has been running your life for the past however many years. You just have to release. When you let go of yourself…you can begin to go to work on the person you wish to become. You can push yourself. You can reach deep down inside of yourself for all the motivation you will ever need. You won’t look to other people to solve your problems. You won’t blame others for things that are happening to you. You will become the definition of a day dreamer. That you don’t have to go to sleep to see your dreams…they will just be in front of your eyes while you are awake…and that is one of the most powerful positions to be in. To be able to see something far off in the distance, and bring it right in front of you today…and visualize it…taste it…touch it…understand it. But most of all…to believe that you can become one with that thought….and block out any thought of never achieving it.

If I didn’t publish…if I didn’t live out my dream of becoming the best motivational speaker that ever was, if I didn’t travel the world talking to people about their life…if I didn’t achieve my fitness goals…if I didn’t create myself every single day and work harder and harder to become an example for people to show that with enough love and passion you can achieve anything you want….that ghost would meet me during my final hour…and I would regret not running through fear.

I know this deep down in my bones…and it is a feeling that above has instilled in me. Every day I wake up anxious to move…anxious to go. There will be bumps…but there will be no regrets. I am going all out.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project