*Beep. Beep. Beep.*


::reaches over to Ipod shuffle…puts in headphones::

*Click. Skip. Skip. Skip.*


I put my clothes on, tied up my running shoes, and headed out. The street was frosted…and the cold air quickly wakened my skin. I looked around for a second…hmm…Rocky? I started running. I ran down to the lake and was pleasantly surprised by a white sheet covering the ground. I just stood there…looking…soaking it in. It was beautiful.

I started running back. Oh good lord. I forgot about that hill. I don’t really have the opportunity to run in high elevation that much…and the next half of a mile was an absolute struggle. But…..I did it. It wasn’t easy though. And it came at the cost of me yelling out loud “Comon! Comon!”

No excuses. Just go to battle. Get out there and work hard. The thing is, we often sabotage our plan because we “can.” Isn’t that interesting? “Oh I am going to do this because I have the ability to.” Trust me, this conversation has gone on in my head many times throughout the past year. And I figured out what it comes down to. Vision.

If you are thinking about the end result constantly, you easily sacrifice today’s comforts for that vision. In terms of goals, you consistently throughout the day have to focus on what the goal is. If you lose sight of that goal, you will lose the ability to control your actions today. So when making a decision, you have to ask yourself if that is in line with what your final destination is.

Being in the present is incredibly important. However, a new concept has come to mind for me lately. “How cool would it be to live in the present, as the amazing person you can be (insert amount of time required here) in the future. This concept is somewhere along the line of the same thought as be the person who you want to be today. Act the same way, do the same things, talk the same way. Eventually, if you truly believe in your new “person”…then you will become that person. So ask yourself…”Would my ideal me be doing what I am doing right now?” The answers will come easily.

Be the now of the person who you want to be later.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project