I’ve never seen myself as someone who was blessed with unbelievable amounts of talent. When I played sports, I had to work really hard. When sports ended and I went into the gym…I had to work even harder. And life didn’t come easy. So what did I take away from all of this? Evan, talent only will take you so far…the thing that will make you different from everyone else…is your work ethic.

Come to think of it, I would rather things come to me the hard way rather than the easy way. It makes all your sacrifice and dedication worth it. When things just come to you…you don’t know the value of having to work for something. I will take the path I have gone down a million times to none.

There have been a lot of times I have been asked, “How have you found something each and every day to write about?” My answer most of the time is “How could you not?” This is where the passionately curious part comes into play. I think I am just really interested in how people work, what makes people unmotivated or inspired, and what switches to pull to get them going. That fires me up. When people are down and I can bring their mind into a better place. I knew that I wanted to do something with my life based around this idea…and after the book, hopefully I will be able to speak to people. That would be a dream come true.

I literally just caught onto why so many self-help books drive me crazy. It is like some guy who has “made it” is talking at you and telling you how to live your life. I never want to “make it.” Because once I settle down into that, I will be afraid to lose it all. If there is one thing I can promise you, it’s that I will be right here every single day talking to you…instead of at you. I will be dumping it all out and it will never be inauthentic. I want to spark discussions…not participate in listening sessions. That is what is going to turn this whole ship around for us. Talking to each other and understanding one another. Without that…we don’t have a shot. As long as you are looking for an equation for happiness or success…you will be unhappy and unfulfilled. I won’t give you an equation, but I will give you support. In my book, that is much more valuable.

When you aren’t afraid of being who you are…you almost start gleaming. People will be able to tell…trust me. Go be you.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project