I accept your challenge…the one you put in front of me,

You know exactly who I can and cannot be,

You have taken away the noise and left me in silence,

Causing my inner voice to storm with violence,

But you know that this is the test before the storm,

To get me ready to ultimately perform,

In front of the crowd who needs a voice,

Because that voice, was lost in the noise.

You have stripped away the people who were once near,

To make me listen to my heart with both ears,

You have allowed me to doubt the path and its result,

Causing a little bit of personal tumult.

But you know better than all,

That this is just part of the internal brawl,

That you are putting me through to help me grow,

And to never think…but just to know.

To the Big Guy above…who is testing me right now. I accept the challenge. You have taught me the importance of Love, Passion, and Never Quitting on my dreams…and I know in my heart that my resolve will be rewarded. This may be the silence before the storm…but I know that the tough paths are not given to those who lead the easy life. I am crazy enough to think I can change the world. You have given me the permission to do so…now all I have to do is go out and take it. I have to stop doubting, stop questioning…and just know…that with whatever you are behind my back…I will not fail.

Evan Sanders

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