I have to say, I really think playing it safe is not the way to go.

Not because there aren’t moments where you really have to take care of yourself, but in a general attitude point of view. There is this old saying that says that a ship is safe in the harbor…but that’s not what ships are made for. Let yourself set out to the dangerous seas which are your life and open the sails. Tie down the ropes and move. Move towards the edge because that is where your limits live. Right at the edge. You will know it when you get there because this little thing called fear pops into your mind. You will hear your mind start to chatter a million miles a second.

This is a good sign. Keep moving forward.

The message is really short today.

You were built to do amazing things in this world.

Not to fall into the same river everyone else is traveling. What is the point of that? Just another manufactured life with no thought of going against the grain. Why not do it your way? Get off the beaten path. How great is the path traveled by anyways? Complaining about your job, divorce rate at 50%, overeating and unhappiness while looking at magazines of photoshopped people. Absolute madness. Tear it all up. Burn it all out of your mind. Go do you. Your life. Whatever the hell you want to do. If that’s living in the mountains, go. If that’s writing for the rest of your life, do it.

But do what is going to make you happy. Money doesn’t buy you happiness. Yeah it will help out with the necessities, but it is you that is going to make you happy. No one else. Don’t depend on a significant other or friend to make you happy. Don’t put that on them. Put it on you. You might struggle for a while, but in the end, you will have the biggest smile on your face.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project