It’s going to take a little bit of everything you’ve got. Everything you have learned over the years. Everything that has become part of you and is etched deep down inside of your heart.

Are you ready?

Because once you turn that faucet on…there’s really no turning it off. It will change your life permanently. You will become something…not just a physical being, but you will stand for an idea. The idea being that if you believe in something, no matter what anyone says, including your ego, you can achieve your dreams. Are you ready…..?

You are going to work as hard as you can till that day arrives. More importantly, you are going to have to do it right the first time…every time. There is no room for laziness. There is no room for procrastination. There is no room for error. The only time there is room for error is if you are going 100%…but even then, you need to learn fast and get right back up. You have one shot. One shot at greatness. This isn’t a joke. This is it.

A long time ago you asked yourself why you keep going? Well, if you haven’t figured it out by now…it is because of this. This opportunity. This chance. You know it is big and you know its potential because you wake up in the morning and you can feel it in your bones. You trust in it and there is not a person in the world who could dampen your dream. You just know…and that’s not a feeling you have ever really bad before. There has always been a shade of doubt. Always a little bit of uncertainty. Your not scared…your just anxious. Anxious to change it all. Year and years and years of hard work have come down to one single day. And that day…you will open the floodgates…and never look back. That will be an incredible day.

So go. Go work. Go do what you need to do. Don’t go to sleep until you have finished what needs to be done. Remember…complaining is illegal. There is no complaining in where you live. There is no complaining in your life. Complaints are a sign of inaction…and you are a man of action. You tear into opportunities when they present themselves, and you create ones that aren’t alive yet. You have created this. Without love…without passion…and without a never quitting attitude, you would still be stuck in bed. You would have given up on yourself and you would be suffering. You would be nothing. You would be fearful of what you could have been. But you are right now…what you dreamed of. Never forget that.

This is it.

::A letter I wrote to myself today::

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project