Wow. Really the only word to describe the realization I came to in the gym yesterday. I have written a lot about the gym mentality, what it does for my mind, and why I go there. But as much as I wrote about it, I never really made the full connection of why I am there every single day…and what the mental result is.

Sometime right after the heaviest set of barbell rows I have ever done…and sitting on a ledge near the window feeling the warmth of the sun on my back…it came to me.

I have talked a lot about my music…what it means to me…and that every song has a story that goes with it. I know the lyrics, rap along, and mouth the words to all the other songs. The music keeps me cranking away at the gym, and the result is a completely drenched body that feels accomplished at the end. But why has this sustained for such a long time? Yes I do love it…but why hasn’t there been a day where I have gone “I just don’t like this?”

And then there was that realization. I found it in looking at the simplest process. The rest between sets…the choosing of the song…the preparation before the set…the initial lift…and then the pushing till failure. Here’s what I learned.

In those moments where I hear that song come on, it brings my past right into my present. I remember pain, disappointment, heartbreak, victory, happiness, and every other emotion from that time. As I go up to the bar or to the weight, and prepare to get myself ready for what is to come, it is the act of visualization that speeds me up through time almost to the present moment. When the push for the lift comes, that is snapping me right into the present…as present as you can possibly be. And the reps till failure…that is creating my future. A future that I believe in, that is full of hard work…waiting for opportunity. This is my reality in the gym.

This connection for me is as real as it gets. And this is why I go every single day. In the past, I have failed at some of my goals in the gym because I didn’t see how absolutely critical this connection was for my mind, body, and soul. And it is this  connection that brings me back every single day. Focusing. Visualizing. Creating.

What is amazing, is that writing does the exact same thing. And I can’t tell you how lucky I feel, to have found both passions.

Go out and create your world today.

Evan Sanders

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