Every day, I sit down…a lot of the time in a rocking chair, and type away. Throughout the day, I have little things that happen that influence what I am going to write for the day in a topical sense, but most of the time it is really just whatever flows out of my mind. There have been a few times where people have told me that it is apparent to them that someone above is speaking through me. I have an interesting relationship with whatever is above. It’s incredibly powerful, but interesting nonetheless. My floor plan involves a pen and fresh clean paper to write on. I have internal conversations all day, and call it what you want, but for me it helps me every day. There have been a few events throughout my life where I know something or someone was right there with me. One of the favorite quotes talks about the fact that angels are sent to us to carry us when we are too afraid to make footprints of our own.

If I ever had a battle going on in my head between what I want to do and things that are dragging me back…the video states it all. The kid is the ego, Rocky is pride…belief in oneself. When I start struggling, I watch this video. In fact, “it ain’t about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit…and keep moving forward” was my senior quote. Cowards point fingers at situations or other people when they didn’t end up where they wanted to be. That really is the last thing I want to be, and trust me I have had my moments of cowardice.

I think it’s about being honest with yourself and not settling for anything less than what you decided to do. When we let ourselves down, our momentum skids. When we start focusing on doing the little things right, our momentum builds. Eventually we get so much power behind our actions that we can’t be stopped. Recently, I have been having some momentum issues, and it all boils down to an inconsistency in alignment between what I think, what I say, and I want to do. When this happens, happiness dissolves.

I need a favor from a few people out there reading this blog. I have been putting this whole thing into a book, and I would really like to hear from a few of you that have been reading this what you think, why you like it, what comes up for you, etc etc. Send me an email or shoot me a message on the Facebook page. I would really appreciate it and your effort will not go unnoticed. I promise.

Through hard times, I always remember one thing. You are only given as much as you can handle. It makes you stronger. It will turn you into an incredible person one day if you decide to overcome instead of yield. You can be everything and anything you want to be.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project