I look in the mirror, and see myself for who I have become, who I am, and what I stand for. I see my future. Who I want to be, who I will be…who I am in the making. I am going to tell you exactly that. The man I am, the man I am not.

I am a man who never forgets those who have supported me, loved me, and helped me up

I am a man who will put on the armor for those people, whenever they need me, and go to battle for them.

I am a man who will every day, look to better himself, for not only his own personal reasons, but to inspire the world

I am a man dedicated to Love, Passion, and Never Quitting

And I  still needs to learn patience, the power of my mind, the lessons from others, and to see the colorful area between the black and white in life

I am a man who treats the women in his life with care, because without them, I would not be here

I am a man who will sacrifice today for tomorrows greatness…and continue that sacrifice until my dreams are achieved

I am a man who sets his goals, loses his way, and finds his path again

I am a man who will tell you what is in his heart, even if you can’t understand it or accept it

And I  seek respect, honesty, and loyalty

I am a man who will extend his hands to people he doesn’t know, because a long time ago, someone extended theirs to me

I am a man who puts his heart and soul into the gym ever day, because that feeling of iron in the hands is the only true material that you can create your world with

I am a man who will cry, will show his emotions, will go into solitude and dive deep down within

I am a man who works hard on letting people go, and letting new people into his life

I am made of ultimate passion, hard work, joy and laughter

I am a man who is in the making, every day learning something new

I am a man who has been ignored, felt the pain of its sting, and vowed to always be open to a confrontation…even if it makes me uncomfortable

I am a man who has been judged, but I put myself in this light, not scared, ready for the world to see

I am a man who believes that you may not know me yet, and some may laugh now, but I will have the last laugh.

And I am learning to embrace the darkness as much as the light, because then, I am only able to see the stars

I am a man, a man in the making, and that is all I could ever ask for

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project