There will be every reason in the world to not do it. You know, the thing that scares you to death? That one little journey you have been waiting to travel for you entire life…that little something you have been wanting to accomplish forever. You get a few days into it, and decide to put it off till tomorrow. You never really quite follow through to the end…may it be the obstacles that come your way…or simply just fear if you actually accomplish it. You say ,”Tomorrow will be a better day to start.” But we keep saying tomorrow. There is no better day to start. Today is the best day you are going to have to get on that horse and charge into the woods. Don’t canter about.

It is about that adrenaline rush…and about facing fear down. What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? I think this is backwards in my mind. What would you do if found something you loved so much, that failure didn’t matter to you. I think playing the what if game only contributes to self paralysis. Gosh…what if I had said this or done this or could do that…oh but that involves a ton of failure. B.S. Get to it. Build the fire in your heart and the strength in your mind to blast through the failures. Some are going to be monumental. Some are going to be incredibly painful. But you continue through it! Because of that fire in the heart. Once it’s lit, it is going to be incredibly hard to put out. You have to believer that you are moving forward each and every day. And trust me, we all know for the most part exactly what to do to achieve our goal…its just a matter of getting there.

Time to legitimately go after mine. What are you going to do today?

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project