You have all heard it, that little voice inside of you that is slowly but surely speaking to you…some people call it the consciousness, the mind…I prefer to call it my heart. I have listened to that little voice inside of me, the one that whispers, and you have to listen very carefully because if you don’t focus on trying to hear it, it will be overpowered by the voice of the negative thoughts in our minds that our pumped out all day. We must listen to the whisper…because that is where the true value lives within us. Like Dallas Greene says in this song, you must follow your heart.

So, as I am listening to this song, I have fully decided that I am going to launch a video blog version of The Better Man Project. I am doing this for a couple of reasons. One, I think that it will be good to have a bi-weekly video comes out that really quickly deals with a couple of things that I have been learning throughout the week and share them with you guys. The second part is that it will really keep me accountable to my own progress and helping myself achieve my goals. I also believe that it is the final prong I need in my effort to create a unbelievable community of people who are committed to changing their life one day at a time. You guys have shown me already how committed you are to being a part of this, and I thank you a lot for it.

I think I have to share with you my vision for this blog and how it has morphed throughout the years. I can’t ignore the fact that it is growing significantly, which is something I always dreamed of, but it made me realize that there is some amazing potential here. The potential is that we can create an “active” community (comments both ways, conversations, sharing quotes and photos) instead of many of the communities on Facebook and twitter which are pretty much a “like-it-once-and-never-do-anything-with-it-again” kind of thing. This is exactly what I do not want. I want everyone to be in it, to be commenting, to be talking to each other and to be really keeping each other accountable. I will be doing my best to supplement the conversations and bringing in material, but how cool would it be if this just wasn’t my thing, if this was OUR thing. If everyone jumped over to the Facebook page and clicked the Like button and started posting things that mattered to them, that keep them going on a daily basis, and that means something deep down within to them, we would have roughly 5,000 people instead of 200. I can’t tell you how unbelievably awesome that would be. Then imagine what we could do with 5,000 people from all around the world working together to create this amazing community of passionate, drive, loving, caring individuals who are out to inspire the world. That is powerful stuff.

I rarely ask for something from the community, but in an effort to really get going on this, I would ask you to please click this link to Facebook ( , Click LIKE, and share something on the page. I will return comments on everything that you have and start the conversation from there. Then if you feel compelled, share the page with others.

I appreciate everything everyone has done so far and the support I have been given to even push the content on this blog and the story of my own life even farther. Today I am going to post a sweet Inspirational Snack, so get ready. Please, if you will, head on over to the Facebook page and get involved and start speaking out. I would love to hear your voice.


Please connect with me!

Evan Sanders