Take a moment to consider…could you burn it all down in order to build yourself back up stronger? This is one of the biggest thoughts that has been running through my head all day. As I look at the board that is right over my sink…it has a little piece of paper that says “View…Actions…Results.” Those three words have truthfully changed my outlook on everything. Because if you are not getting what you want out of life, you have to change the view. You have to change what you are seeing through the glasses…and only when you change your perspective on things can you actually venture into the land of different actions, and ultimately different results. You have to break to build sometimes. Think of it like a store. Sometimes to do something magnificent you have to close up shop to remodel everything. What has influenced me so much that I have been thinking about changing course? Let me tell you a story.

Three years ago, I hung up my cleats because the bones in my elbow after high impact throwing day in and day out were causing stress fractures, unbelievable amounts of pain, and was completely ruining my results. I couldn’t pitch. Many of you have heard the actual story of how I told myself after surgery that it was my last shot to give it 100% and that if it didn’t work out, then baseball wasn’t in the cards for me. Well, yesterday, I untied my cleats again and threw off a mound to my old catcher. There was an eerie feeling. But…no pain…nothing. I kept throwing, nothing. Without having thrown a baseball in 3 years, I could still throw around 80mph, and that astonished me in general. I thought I would be throwing 65. What if? What if my elbow has healed, if the strength that I have built up in my arm throughout the years has acted as a shock absorber for the awkward high impact of pitching. There is only one way to tell what I can actually do.

In the 1500’s Hernando Cortez was the captain of eleven ships with more than 500 soldiers headed for Mexico to conquer the Aztecs and bring back gold and treasures. As you can well imagine, after his ships arrived in Mexico, the sailors and soldiers were not in the best of shape. Some of them fell ill on the journey, some had lost their motivation, and their quarters were not exactly shipshape. Several of Cortez’s crew-mates wondered what would happen to them in this strange new land. if they faced challenges or resistance, how would the crew return home? The crew asked Cortez what the plan would be to get back home. The captain had the perfect response: He burned the ships

There was no going back

The only direction to go was forward

The old way of doing this were about to be rethought.

In fact, there were no more “old way of doing things”; a new way had to be defined.

So I sat in the dugout just thinking. If I train every single day, continue to get stronger where it really matters for pitchers…I can do this. I can come back. I can bring back the dream…because in reality, the dream never died. The dream was always lingering in the background. Yesterday flipped my entire world upside down. It made me reconsider everything, the paths that were being taken, the people in my life, and what was really worth it to me…what really matters.

It is time to go after a dream, that has been my dream since I was 5 years old. To one day…pitch in front of 40,000 people. I’m honestly a little choked up right now, because the emotions that come up when thinking about this are incredibly profound. But as I always say, it’s about the blood, sweat and tears…and you have to put your whole heart into things.


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Evan Sanders