The first 30 minutes of your day are known to be the most influential moments on the day for one primary reason: you can program your mind. Think about it, just when you wake up, there are no distractions, nothing mulling in your head, you are basically the closest thing to a clean slate than you ever will be. So how do I start? Well over the past week I have been writing my posts at around 5:15 in the morning. This gives me the ability to really focus on what I want to do that day and who I want to be. I know that when I don’t write, I feel like I had a little less purpose that day then when I do.

So I start by asking myself…am I going to be the person with one cheek on the line…or two cheeks on the line. You guessed right. Your sitting on them right now. What I mean by having both cheeks on the line is that are you going to really dig in or put your toe in to the water. This really boils it all down doesn’t it…I mean life in general. Will you be willing to give it all you got, or just give it one cheek? The coolest part? When you fall…you have a lot more cushioning with two than one.

Who will you be today? There are songs about this being the last day of your life…about what would you do? It is impossible for many of us to understand exactly what that would be like of course, but try putting those shoes on. We are all caught up in lots of things that in all truly don’t matter. Our problems, our grudges, our fights, our insecurities…in the scheme of things, they really don’t matter at all. You only have so much time on this planet…and wasting it on negatives is well…negative. Put the positive in your life and come out on top. Make an impact on those around you, make them smile, make them laugh…and when you go out in the end…go out with all engines burning.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project