Going the extra mile may be one of the most important attributes anyone can have…in my opinion.

When you go the extra mile, it is about perfectionism or ego, it’s about pride.

It’s about looking at the end piece and saying “It could be better.” I always remind myself that perfection is the enemy of done..and it is so true. However, going the extra mile in your relationships, in your work ethic, in the gym, on the job, will take you places you hadn’t even thought possible.

It will drive you to new heights and make you irreplaceable. The person who is known to go the extra mile will be known by others too. It is not a rule of luck or being at the right place at the right time, it’s about putting in the work necessary…in fact the extra work necessary to be one step closer to excellence.

Right now, I am focusing on going the extra mile in everything I can do. Not settling for mediocrity…only settling for greatness.

The best pat of this plan is that I know I am going to fail. But rather fail trying to be great than mediocre right?

Failure is a great thing, it teaches lessons, it makes you stronger, but it should never be on the game plan as a viable option.

Michael Jordan knew that he was going to fail, but he HATED failing. I am the same way…I am no Michael Jordan, but doesn’t mean that I can’t be the Michael Jordan of something someday.

He was the best for a reason. That inner drive to achieve. The intense drive to win.

And the attitude that said if he didn’t win, it wasn’t because he didn’t put in the work…it just wasn’t meant to be.

Go the extra mile. See where it takes you.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project