“All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence you know.”

You better believe that the song above is accurate. There is no doubt in my mind at least that there is a wheel, call it karma, call it whatever you want, that governs life. The things that we do to each other, good or bad, come back to us magnified many times more. That is just the way it is. Your efforts will be rewarded, and your hurtful actions will be back in one way or another. Often of times it isn’t through someone else hurting you, but rather personal pain. This song for me goes way back, and I heard it on the radio the other day and thought that I would write about it.

We all have a choice each and every day to be something. In fact, we have a choice in every single interaction with people. Do not let another persons emotions govern yours. One of my friends was going through this the other day, where she was telling me how when she would talk to this one specific person their conversations would always start off great but go south fast. They would get into arguments about things that then it would just all fall apart from there. I asked her if she was trying to be “right or be happy.” A lot of the time we try to be right about things because we think that will make us happy. Instead, it almost always drains our energy completely. The way I look at getting into arguments now with people is what happens when an unstoppable force meets and immovable object. You are not proving anything by being right, because you probably didn’t convince the other person anyways down to the core that your way is the right way. And another thing, who said that your way in the first place is the right way. It’s an ego battle. Have a conversation, and put the egos’ away. Especially with loved ones…the importance of this is magnified exponentially.

I am writing different introductions to different sections of my book again, and it is pretty fun to think of the potential of this. I believe that it can be a hit. I think to undertake something of this magnitude you have to believe in it. Without a belief in what you are doing, you will never accomplish it. You have to look deep down within you and really ask the tough questions. Am I doing this because I think it will be nice or am I really accomplishing a dream. The dream will keep you running uphill for miles…the other, grab your walker.

Life is exactly what you make of it. You are a sum of all your actions and your decisions up to this point. The best part, you are completely renewed today. You can make the tough decision, you can turn it all around. There are consequences to every action of course, but there are also benefits.