I’ve decided. Next August 4th, I will be competing in Norseman, in Norway. Time to go back to my Nordic routes, and compete in something that is going to take every bit of sweat, blood, and tears in my body. I am not training to win, I am training to finish. I have a little over a year to train completely for this, which will involve me getting a bike, living in the pool, and continuing running as much as possible. It’s a 15 hour competition…and I am looking forward the every ounce of pain and willpower it will take to finish. Throughout this year, I am going to compete in triathlons to get me ready for this…but as I have proclaimed it to the world. I will accomplish this.

I have been running every single day. Once I can get into a pool, I will start swimming and biking. My goal is to wake up around 6 am each day to get on the bike and then later in the day run the hills. What is going to be a big challenge for me, is the fact that I have been slapping on as much muscle as possible the past couple years…and the body I will need to accomplish this, will probably be about 30 lbs lighter than I am right now. The extreme amounts of cardio will do the job of eating away at what I don’t need.

Why am I doing this? You ever get that feeling where you say to yourself “I want to do something great?” I want to see truly what I am made out of to my core. I believe that if we don’t test ourselves, we will truly never know what we are made out of. There is a major opportunity for me to find out what I can do. I know throughout the year I will be competing in other triathlons and IronMan competitions, but come August 2014…the true test will begin. Arguably the hardest one there is. Mind, body, and soul will all have to go into this.

There are times when we really just have to look at our lives and find the spots where we want to make changes. Then it really just comes down to making the change by coming up with a plan. One of the coolest things about life is that at any second, you really can turn it all around. Some changes come with a longer time table than others, but you really have the options to do whatever you want to do with your life. There have been many times when I have just been feeling crummy and picked myself up out of a slump because there is that little spark inside of me that says “lets go! what are you doing? feeling bad for yourself? what do you say you are made of? love…passion…never quit!”

There will be times over this next year where I will face huge amounts of adversity. But I know, in my heart, that I have what it takes to overcome.



Evan Sanders