For there is no fear in the heart of a man who is living his dream.

Every day, I wake up with this itching feeling to get going. To go out and drive the flag of my life down into the ground and claim another day. Today is my day…and I always ask myself, “Who are you going to be today?” Every day for the past year…I have proclaimed that today…I am going to put my ass on the line.

We are afraid of the things we believe we cannot accomplish. Last year, I blew my knee out playing basketball and went through months and months of pain due to a misdiagnosis. Then I went through surgery….and the heat combined with the natural effects of not being to workout anymore really put me down. But I believed. That little spark inside of me made me get my crutches out and scoot over to the gym every day. I iced…and iced…and iced. The doctor said I lost a gigantic part of the tissue in my knee, and that it honestly may never be the same. Thanks doc, but that’s not an option. Here I am today, running shoes on, ready to knock another fear out of my mind. Today…I accomplish a bucket list item…I run 5 miles without stopping.

There is no long explanation or pump me up that’s needed here. It’s simply…put your butt on the line every single day…do what makes you scared…and you will grow. You will hike the mt. everest-like obstacles. You will drive fear out of your heart. You will become something great. Everything you want in this world can be accomplished. Accept the blood, sweat, and tears it will take to get there.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project