I believe that there are no mistakes…only lessons learned. In fact, I like life a lot more this way. I get the chance to look at everything I did that day and either go wow! or oooohhhh ooops. Doesn’t sound like much, but, there was a time when that type of taking notes on life mentality wasn’t there. It has helped a lot. There is no doubt in my mind that I have gained a lot more experience through doing this.

I wanted to put this picture up here because it embodies about everything I believe in. There are many times when I forget to say this to myself….”Here, now, this moment.” It really makes the world of a difference because I know what to do when I say that. I know I am happiest when I am living in this moment…because the past or future doesn’t actually exist. You can’t go there ladies and gentlemen. You can’t change it…but the only moment you have is the one right now.

Everyone can be a little self-conscious at sometimes…I think it really is that we just want to present ourselves in the best light possible. But as the big guy would have it, you are going to get jammed into every possible uncomfortable and testing situation possible. This is good for you. You will say and do things (not bad things) that will make you go…why in the world did I just say that. I had one of those moments last night. Where I was like “really? that’s the best thing that could come out of your mouth?” I smacked my forehead and laughed.

My favorite quote in the world is “God is a comedian with an audience that is afraid to laugh.” – Voltaire. I sometimes go throughout my daily activities and know that there couldn’t be a better explanation for what was going on besides a comedian at work. It reminds me that no matter how tense of light-hearted a situation…we are always being tested each and every day. I think a big part that is true is that we must always test ourselves. Because in the end, there are two types of people in the world. Those who wait for opportunity to strike, and those who make the opportunities for themselves.

You just decide. You decide that you are going to be the best you possibly  can be every single day and you do it. There will be obstacles and ditches along the way…but that’s how you know your on the right path. If everything is really easy for you, then you are traveling the path most taken. That path will take you exactly where everyone else is going…the fat part of the bell curve. Be part of that tiny amount of people who actually fully believes in themselves and will trek off course.

The biggest thing I really have to write about today is being yourself. You know how I know I’m truly being myself? I make goofy comments and embarrass myself sometimes. My family has always joked with me that I make up words sometimes…and thats okay! Talk about getting creative! But seriously for a second. Don’t wear a mask. Be you…and be the best you. Because in the end guys, you are going to look back and either say I spent my life trying to be someone else, or I spent every minute being me…as unique and funny that was.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project