Well, I tried to choose the song with the most moxie around (to the newer generation…otherwise known as SWAG) But seriously, I want to get into this tonight. Im not talking about the negative aspect of ego, but the positive effect of confidence. What can moxie do you for?

Moxie is believing in yourself. Not to the point of cockiness, but in strong amounts of confidence. It’s about knowing your skills. Remember, you are not born with skills…you are born with talent. Skills are developed through the relentless smashing away at those talents and turning them into something you can depend on when you call for it. When you are just talented, sometimes you can’t call on that talent when you really need it.

Sometimes you will hear someone say “When he/she comes in, its like the whole room changes.” That someone is charismatic…that they can command an audience and you can feel energy from them. Trust me, the ego does not do this successfully…it is the power of confidence that will take you places. It is confidence and the belief in yourself that truly matters. If you don’t believe in yourself, you will use your ego to make you seem better than you are. I call that insecurity. I never want to be someone that puts other people down to make myself feel better. Instead, I want to be someone who gives other people reasons to believe in themselves. I want to be someone that can be a driving force behind a winning team.

You will always be put into uncomfortable situations…but theres a reason for this. I wrote on my status the other day “Seeing the path…and now taking it. Love learning from the biggest situations and even the smallest events. The big guy above tests you every day, and puts you in uncomfortable positions for many reasons. You can’t always control what other people do, but you can be damn sure that you can control you.” I believe in this with all my heart.


Evan Sanders