I had a really interesting talk with my friend the other day over her concerns with the job market etc…and I want to relate something I learned in class to the conversation I had with her. As I was sitting in my capstone class, my teacher was talking about Microsoft getting into the video game industry to “play the game” in order to be able to play the next big game which is the battle for the living room. Microsoft reported an 8 billion dollar loss in the video game industry, however, it is still playing. Why? They have a vision, and they have bought the ticket to be able to play in the next big thing. We can do this in life .

To be able to play in your dreams, you have to buy the the ticket now. A lot of the time that involves large amounts of sacrifice. But as the old saying goes, if you don’t know where you are going…then any path will take you there.

I find out today whether or not I won the Senior Award given out by Mr. Nobili each year to one student. It was an absolute honor to be nominated for the award, and the competitive side in me really wants to win. These past few days with interviews and everything have been unbelievable and I am starting to feel more and more confident that I can go into a room and talk and establish rapport with people I don’t even know. It really does come down to being able to tell your story in a way that captures an audience…and thank god I have been practicing this by writing here for the past few years.

As my college career closes, I look back on all of the things I have done, all the people who I have met, and am just overwhelmed with joy. Things were not perfect, and while at the beginning I wanted them to be, I realize now that the reason I am here today…and the reason I am who I am is because things weren’t great at times. But as the sun goes up, it must also go down. We must never expect there to be times of darkness…because then the light is not as satisfying. We cannot protect ourselves from it…but learn to see in the dark.

I sit here writing today a happy man. One grateful for everything that I have been given and everyone who has held out their hands to me over the years. I also am incredibly happy about the fact that I have a community of people here, almost all of you I have never met, that support my dreams. You guys make it happen. Without you, I would be writing into space. However, with your comments and insights, I really get to take a great look into other people’s lives and see what you are getting from my learning. I think we can all learn from each other… our mistakes and victories.


Happiness is shared,



Evan Sanders