I think I might have finally found the opportunity I have been looking for. It has taken a few months, but I think it could be something incredible. Things have been picking up lately, I have been getting offers for freelance work and have been talking to plenty of people in the industry I want to work in. What has been holding me back the past couple of weeks is that thought of impending graduation (which I am excited for don’t get me wrong) and the doubts and fears that accompany this major event in my life. So, in a way that I can fight this battle on my terms, I am going to tell you a quick story that I always keep in my mind when my emotions and thoughts are taking too much tread in my mind.

Each of us have two garbage men in our minds. One of them is constantly shoveling thoughts that involve doubt, fear, and overwhelming emotions. This garbage man has no shortage of supply and is piling trash as high as he can. The other garbage man is trying to keep up by taking the high pile of garbage, sorting it out, and also happily whistling along…because he loves his job. What happens though is that when we focus too much on the garbage, it begins to pile higher and higher each day. It moves into other different parts of your brain and begins to infect other parts of your life. Then, all you can see and smell is garbage. I know that I have been having some of these thoughts control my attitude and emotions, and failed for a while to consistently distinguish between worthy thoughts and those that I need to toss. When you begin to feed the other garbage man, he takes your complaints, your negative thoughts and emotions and sorts them, finds lessons to learn, and chips away at the heaping pile of trash in your mind. Eventually, the garbage man begins to shovel faster, and faster, and faster until that pile of garbage is gone and all you are left with is a fresh mind.

Whenever I go through struggles, I just remember those two garbage men working, and make a decision of who I want to be…what type of person is worth it. Remember, the struggle is part of the journey. Without the struggle, there is no test and there is no achievable end result. When things start getting hard, you know you’re getting close.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project