We all have those moments where something “bonks” us on the head and we go “ah-ha!…thats it!” Well, I will save that story for another time, but this is about something that Newton has taught me throughout the years. You may ask…”How in the world is he going to connect inspiration and motivation with this guy?” That’s a great question…so lets find out.

Newton’s first law basically said that everything remains in a state of rest or constancy. This is a natural law of life and is so unbelievably true. Why is it so much easier to be a couch potato than go out and run, weight lift, climb? Because the world is literally expecting you to stay put. The opposite side is equally true. When you are on a path and moving, it is equally as hard to knock you off that path if you have a vision…or if there is a major event in your life. There has to be a force that smashes against you to change your path.

Newton’s second law states in order to get it moving, it must be struck by a force. Again, how true is this! Unfortunately, in our lives, there are not that many things that actually strike us to get us moving. There is no wrecking ball that smashes through our house and kicks us off the couch to go workout. There is only…your mind. There is only the power of the mind that influences your current state. This is one of life’s gifts. The power you have over your own life. I always believe that you have a choice. You always are given an option to go down a separate path. This idea has been very influential in my life over the past few weeks. I wasn’t getting the results I wanted with something, so I applied an unbelievable amount of mental force to my current path and changed directions. This did come with sacrifices, but I knew what it was going to take.

Sir. Newton taught me that anything in life is going to take energy. You can’t just will it to happen, because that doesn’t involve action. You must act and accept the consequences of the actions. There will always be plusses and negatives with each and every action…but energy never disappears. Energy is only  transferred from place to place. It is important to surround yourself with people who give you energy because when you exert unusual amounts of force and mind power…you lose a lot of energy. However, when there are people to fill you back up, you are ready to go after it day after day. So today, is dedicated to Sir. Newton.

I will go after my dreams

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project