Alright…so I have talked about one of my heroes as Greg Plitt, and I wanted to share with you some of my thoughts and also one of his videos because he is unbelievably inspirational. I have been bodybuilding for the past four or so months, and lifting for years before that, but I always was looking to accomplish something great and take myself to the next level. One of the posts I had the other day was about finding ways to take myself to heights I have never been to before. Well I took a good long look at my current fitness and where I want to be, and decided that I need to follow Greg, set for set, workout for workout, and get my meals together. Don’t get my wrong I am very happy with how far I have come since my knee surgery, but as I always say, good enough is not going to be good enough tomorrow. If it can be better…then its as good as broken.

So I have to write down all of my stats as a place where I can come back to.

Height 6’1

Weight: 198lbs

Chest: 44inches

Waist : 34inches

Arms: 16inches

Legs: 25 inches

Max Bench Press (3 reps): 350lbs

Max Squat (4 reps): 295lbs

Max Deadlift (1rep): 445lbs


So those are my stats right now and I am incredibly excited  about continuing this transformation process. I have been competing in the transformation competition via as of April 24 and things are going very well, but I want to keep going, more efficiently, more effectively. I definitely feel the strongest I have ever been and can’t wait to see what the future brings. I will be following Greg’s workouts 100% and putting all my doubts and fears into his hands…because I know he will help me get through the next two months.

The next few posts are going to a series that involves the ways I have found to raise the bar in my life. This should be fun.




Evan Sanders