All it takes is one idea to unlock your dreams. I have never really had the feeling I have now, but I woke up this morning. I say it like that…because I felt like something had been unlocked. Something clicked in my sleep. I feel…like something fantastic is going to happen.

I have this feeling to act on all day…and I have to tell you its an amazing feeling. Funny thing is, I have sat on a bench and looked out onto the ocean like the man above has before. The sea has a way of putting you in your place, and I have to tell you I miss the salty air.

The snowpack is melting, so I am going fishing soon. It has been far too long since I have driven up to the mountains. There is something so peaceful about going back to the place where I have been since I was a little boy. I think its because I have living memories of me, my dad, and my dog climbing over the rocks and catching fish. I have moments when I go there now when I see those memories. They make me smile.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project