It’s really about believing in yourself no matter what.

I spent the majority of the day applying to creative marketing and advertising agencies around the U.S. (By the way if you know anyone I would love to talk to them). There are times when I look at how many people applied to a specific job on LinkedIn and go…”218…maybe its not worth it.” But there is a part of me that goes…”Applicant 219 is going to be the one” and I click submit. It’s about believing in your talents, your skills, and that you are worth it.

I titled this post gravity, because for me, the negative thoughts and emotions are like gravity, trying to bring me down. Sometimes you just have to remember that feelings and emotions are…well just feelings and emotions. While they are incredibly powerful, if you sit with them and take them for what they are, they will pass. Then, you are in the moment. Then, you are appreciating the moment.

Believe in yourself. If you are striving for excellence, just remember, you are a representation of everything you have done up until this exact point. Excellence is a habit not a specific act. I am striving to transform into something great each day…and continue to do the things that I know will create something great in the end. There will be bumps along the way, but those bumps let you know your striving for something great. The more you throw against the wall…eventually something will stick. Keep trying because that next attempt you make might be the one.

And when the challenges  come…say…Bring it!


“Never, never, never give in” – Winston Churchill


Evan Sanders