Right off the bat, thank you to the 30 emails I received with comments, concerns, rants about how this was not my style (for my own benefit), everything. It all helped a ton, and really made me appreciate the community I have here  and how much you guys care about my writing and my success. So, thank you…more than you know.

The process was unreal. As I was walking over to the dean’s office to turn in my final draft (it was suggested that we send it in through email…I figured I would print it on nice résumé paper, put it in a nice slick sleeve, and walk it over there and introduce myself) I was thinking about what I had written. Forget first draft vs final draft…it really was all about reflecting on my 4 years time here at SCU…something incredibly complex…and explaining how it changed my life and made a difference. I looked at the final product, and was proud.

The self-conscious continuously updates itself so it is incredibly hard to see sometimes how far you have come. However, after writing this piece, I realized I truly did make a difference at my school…and even if I don’t win the award, I went out with all engines burning and totally in Evan-style-esque fashion. That’s what counts. Staying true to my core.

This process also reminded me of what I originally set out to do in the first place. To inspire people to live powerful and impassioned lives. Tomorrow is a brand new day…full of things to learn from and people to talk to. There is never a dull moment in life…and thats what makes it so exciting.

Here it is

It all ended very fast. Baseball had been my life since I was 5 years old, and I was on a path to the majors. But after two surgeries, endless doctors visits, and extreme amounts of physical pain, I was in my coach’s office, tears in my eyes, telling him I had to hang up the cleats. My dream was gone.

What was I going to do? A week later I was sitting in the gym, watching people work out and wondering how I could use my passion for fitness to recreate the supportive brotherhood feeling my baseball team fostered, and help people achieve their goals. That evening, The Iron Broncos was born. We now stand 500 members strong as a community committed to health, fitness, and realizing our goals.

Something was missing though. Heart. I looked at myself and realized that after baseball ended, I was afraid to dream. I needed the courage to be vulnerable again to achieve my goal of changing the world. From this, The Better Man Project was birthed… a journey towards becoming a better man and to inspire people around me to live powerful and impassioned lives. I harnessed this passion and began to preach to my SCU community that against all of our doubts and fears, we can truly become shining lights in the world. I believe my greatest contribution to my community was enabling and supporting the dreams of others, leading by example as a representative of passion and integrity.  

Love. Passion. Never Quit.

I have been learning from the world’s greatest teacher: everyday life. I found that fiery passion I had always been looking for, and realized that it was everything I needed to achieve my goals. After receiving an email at 3 a.m. from a classmate, who thanked me for giving her the courage to be herself and strive for her dreams, I truly realized the impact I was making on the world. From that point on, I have continued my journey of personal development and have inspired those around me to become everything they wish to be.

While Santa Clara provided me with a fantastic education, it is the lessons I learned from my teachers, my teammates, and my friends that will forever shape me. Without the development of my mind and my soul, the foundation I am building my life upon today would not exist. There are no words to describe how grateful I am for spending four years here, except for these: thank you.

I would be honored to represent Mr. Nobili and my peers by receiving this award

“Draw a line. Live above it.” – Unknown