There are no excuses. You know what stopped me from doing legs for the longest of time? No pain, not being tight…fear. I was scared that if I went hard again, I would blow out my knee. What is pretty stupid about the whole thing was that was not even how I got injured. I got injured the play after I achieved my goal of dunking over this guy who was 6 foot 5. The next play, someone kneed me right in the outside of my knee, drove it down into the ground, and tore the hell out of the cartilage. It had nothing to do with lifting…in fact…the doctor told me that all of the jump training I did for the previous 3 months probably saved my knee from a total blowout. This morning, day 2 of 40, was dedicated to going hard and getting past my fears.



I have never felt so satisfied after a workout. No it wasn’t the hardest leg workout in the world, but it was a major victory for me. I proved to myself after 700lb leg presses for 12 reps that my legs are strong enough and they are ready. I went on to continue to push myself with other exercises, and my legs responded incredibly well. Legs has been the missing part to my bodybuilding…and with them back…there is nothing that can stop me.

The gym is a metaphor that I use for life…particularly your mind. In the gym, you can literally control everything. The work you put in becomes the work you get out. There are no shortcuts, no places to hide, it is just you and the mirror in front of you. Your mind is very much the same. With enough practice, you can turn your mind into a machine. However, just like those who don’t go to the gym and practice, you can also have a “soft” mind.

I was asked the other day, “Why doesn’t anything bug you?” My answer after saying that of course there are things that bug me was…”Lots and lots of practice.” If I had to characterize my mind 2 years ago, I would have said it was a screaming, crying, complaining adolescent who had no self-control and consistently threw temper tantrums. I had a weak mind. One that manifested itself in the worst possible ways. However, I believe that practicing, focusing, and challenging the mind every single day is just as important as challenging your body. You might have an absolutely killer body, but with a weak mind, you are just a slab of meat. I want to be that man who you can sit down with and talk to for hours, and by the way, turn heads with a body that is a result of the mind. I am well on my way to making this happen.

The battle is in your mind. If you can control your mind somewhat, you have a much better chance of achieving your dreams than anyone else out there. If you let yourself aimlessly float along however, you are like a blind man throwing a dart in the bar hoping it lands on something worth points. Chances are…your going to hear a yelp. Focus your mind. Look yourself in the eyes every single day…because the eyes are the portal to the soul.



Evan Sanders