“You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, ‘I lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.’ You must do the thing you think you cannot do.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

In order to progress in life, we must do the things we think we cannot do. March was a great month. I did some great things in school, my writing was incredibly consistent, I started making motivational videos, I raised the bar for myself with weightlifting, and began working on putting a book together. By the way, short side note, what is going to be unique about the book is that I am combining Churchill Visions with it and putting it on the cover. I think you will enjoy it. But like Eleanor Roosevelt said, we must do the thing we think we cannot do. While I had a great month, that was good enough for yesterday, and not enough for today. In order to grow, I must continue to raise the bar and set bigger goals for myself. I am ready.

So what are my goals? What are the things that scare me the most? Well, here is a list of what I look to accomplish in April.

  1. 30 days of healthy eating (maintaining the great work I have done over the past month): What has made the difference for me, and I suggest you try it especially if you are looking to make some great changes in your waist line and overall health, is to cook your meals all on sunday. What did I eat? Lean chicken breast, rice, mixed green salad, egg whites, protein shakes, vitamins, a little BBQ sauce, vegetables, and that’s it. The whole week. And I have to tell you, I felt absolutely fantastic, and full. This gives you the opportunity to really plan out how many calories you want to consume in the day and cut out unnecessary calories you get from unplanned meals.
  2. Legs, Twice a Week. Cardio, 3 Times a Week: For those who have been reading here for a while, you all know I had knee surgery in September and it was a pretty debilitating experience. However, after snowboarding all day on Wednesday @ Mt. Hood in Oregon (probably the best mountain I have ever been on) I know that my legs are ready to start training hard again. Of course I am going to be careful and take my time, but it is time. Just a little tidbit, if you are trying to get in shape, train your legs, they are huge muscle groups and will consume calories and burn up fat like crazy.
  3. Editing: My Goal is to read and edit at least 20 pages of the book every single day. I have some great plans for the layout, the middle section of the book, and the end. I am so incredibly excited about this and know that it can work. “If you have a dream, go get it. Period.”
  4. School: My final quarter is not going to be a cake walk. I am taking at least 20 units, and I am ready to get my 4.0. Throughout the years I have been struck by adversity but let it get to my schoolwork. The difference between those years and this past one is that I now welcome adversity to see how well I can respond during pressure situations. I know that if I just do what I know that needs to be done, things will all be okay.
  5. Inspirational Videos: Over the past month I really started getting handy with Final Cut Pro X and making some cool videos. I want to take it to the next level and continue creating videos that will get people pumped and ready to attack life. I know that I watch videos on YouTube when I am feeling paralyzed. Hopefully, they will get people feeling the same way.
  6. Churchill Visions: This project has not been getting the attention it deserved due to the amount of work that I needed to get done over the past quarter, but I think I will have some time to delegate to its workings.
  7. Organization: This is one of the biggest opportunities I have with my room. I want to get extremely organized, have a place for certain things, and really keep my room clean throughout the quarter. I will implement the 3 minute rule. When I wake up, for three minutes clean up whatever is around the room, and before I go to bed do the exact same. This is just to keep my sanity in check, but I have always avoided it.
  8. Photos: For 30 days straight I am going to take a photo of my transformation and also a photo of something out in the world. Just for kicks.
  9. The Iron Broncos: Time to go out with a bang, and make the club as good as it can be. I will alway be around to support the leadership team, but it is time to fully pass it off to someone who will care for it.
  10. Mentality+Notes:  Over the past month I have listened to a great deal of speeches, talks, and everything else related to developing your mind. I need to start taking notes though and compiling them in a worthwhile way.

April is dedicated to hammering away at my acquired knowledge and turning it into skills. It is going to take significant amounts of work, but it will be worth it. I am going to take my mind and my body to the next level, and welcome any adversity that comes my way. I am ready. I am ready to inspire myself every day to do what I think I cannot do, but most importantly, I am ready to inspire those around me to grab ahold of their dreams and accomplish great things.