Why is this my most important post? Two reasons. Without having a purpose, none of this would have ever happened. Below is a video that I made over the past week, explaining it all. And, my voice finally comes out, the one that matches my writing. Secondly, what would happen if everyone who liked this video a lot would share it on their page? It is not a plea for viewers, because that doesn’t matter to me. It is a plea to build a community even larger than it is, and bring more people into a place where we can all be honest with each other about the things we run into along the way and the people we are becoming each and every day. Please share.

Below is the transcript for the speech.

Why it all started

Its an interesting question…one that I have asked myself many times. Why did I start this? What point exactly in my life drove me to begin writing everything down for the world to see? Was I really trying to become a better man? Or was I writing for my hearts sake?

The Original intent for the project was to create something that would represent my 30 day “Become a Better Man” challenge. What started off as an expression of things that were happening throughout the day, quickly turned into my most sincere form of self-expression. It is amazing to think about the person I was one year ago. From looking back on some of my posts, I could tell I was in a lot a pain…and most of this pain was self inflicted. I was stuck. Stuck in the way of myself. Stuck with emotions and feelings that I thought defined me. Really Stuck.

The project passed 30 days, 60 days, 90 days and kept going because I found something so deep within myself I promised I would never let it go: passion. I found that fiery passion I had always been looking to grab a hold of. It had made its presence known throughout a few major events in my life, but I could never truly call on it when I needed to.  I found out that my passion had one major purpose: to inspire the people around me to live powerful and inspiring lives. I started to go to work. I began creating my emotions instead of being defined by them. I began reaching out to people to hear their stories. And began to spread the message that you can’t control life when its lifes’ you, but you can control who you are after that fleeting moment.

 It seems like the idea of the project hasn’t changed much, but the purpose has become more pure. I often write “you” in my posts, but by you …I really am talking to me. This is not a guidebook for anyone else, but rather a place where people can see what I am going through, and maybe, just maybe, they might learn something about their own lives. The Better Man Project is my lifelong commitment to becoming a better man, and to continue learning about myself each and every day.  

 Love, Passion, Never Quit.

Evan Sanders