I can say this for real, for the first time yesterday something completely new and exciting happened for me. Adversity struck, and I got excited. Here’s why.

I have been spending countless hours over each week training my mind with tapes, books, speeches, and practice…and it all the sudden happened. Adversity struck…and it struck hard. But what happened? Well, the only thing we can control is our attitude and actions. So my attitude was, “Yes…adversity” (said in almost a soft but giddy voice) What did I do? I did what I know to do. Strike when the iron’s hot. And when I struck, sparks went flying everywhere…sparks of excitement, new ideas, and passion. I dedicated yesterday to a single idea “pushing my boundaries and traveling into the unknown.” I think I am going to keep doing this, dedicating my day to an idea. I will get to todays dedication at the end of the post. I want you to watch the next video because it has a great point and something I listen to in my iPod a lot.

“I am scared of what I won’t become…I won’t let myself end where I started.” These are two fantastic lines and its 100% true. You can’t end your day the exact same person than who you started it as. I take this philosophy into the gym a lot. If I am doing the same weight, the same workouts, I will be the exact same person no matter what. I have to mix it up. Yesterday, I did, and added 100 machine crunches in between each major set. My midsection was hurting so bad it hurt to stretch it…but I took myself to a new level that I hadn’t been before. If you constantly do the same things, you will get the same actions, and therefore the same results. Push it past your limits. Adversity will strike, but most of the time you can do something about it. Strike! Strike! Strike!

I want to write about one other thing today, and that is respect for yourself. Whether it is body image, your attitude, or in dealing with others, always have respect for yourself too. Never let people take advantage of your kindness, your heart, or your commitment to them. I always tell people,ย I never demand anything out of anyone that I do not demand out of myself (honesty, loyalty, respect). However, when those things are lacking, I am not hesitant to let people know. That is just the way I operate and how I can keep being those things. They are not small commitments, and therefore require large amounts of effort. I don’t go into any relationship thinking it should be 50% 50% or 100% 100%…I go into it thinking 0% 0 %. Never expect anyone to meet your “expectations” because your only request ย for them should be for them to act with authenticity. With that, you respect their person, who they are, and accept that. If you can’t accept someone, what in the world are you doing being naggy and trying to change them for? The only true transformation comes within a person and is not achieved through the pestering and constant reminders from someone else. You have to want to do it for yourself. So go into it loving that person no matter what, not expecting them to be your idea of 100%, or 50%. Love them for who they are.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project