Piggybacking off of yesterdays post, I titled todays “Nice Guys…Finish First.” Let me break this down for you because I think this is going against the grain of the usual “Nice guys finish last” nonsense.

How in the world did this nice guys finish last even start? Well, I think it started with a bunch of nice guys complaining about how all the jerks out there seem to get the hot good-looking girls. Lets think about that for a second…from a couple points of views. Jerks get girls: okay, so, we have this guy…and he’se a total jerk. Now, this jerk acts like a bum, treats women like junk, and has a 98% chance of living somewhere in the dumps in the near future and not doing something with his life because everyone found out…”wow he’se a jerk.” So throughout high school and college this may be something that gets women…but once the girls start figuring out that “hey being treated like crap really isn’t that fun” they no longer look for the jerks, they look for the nice guy. Okay, now lets look at it from the point of the “beautiful girls only like jerks” nonsense. Do you really want to date someone who loves being treated like crap? Lets say you do, and she likes to be treated like crap. You are going to do things and bring yourself so much farther down than where you were that you are going to be absolutely disgusted with your actions and the way you treat women. Further, you are going to start treating everyone like crap and no one is going to like you. THEN, you are still going to dump her or get dumped because you are suck a jerk. To me, this doesn’t seem much like a life worth living for. Get this nonsensical society built junk out of your head that you have to be slightly mean to get girls. There are millions of really attractive, amazing, girls out there who would die to have a good guy in their life.

So what does this come down to…to all those nice guys out there…develop endurance. Keep working on yourself as much as you can to be the best person you can be. Then, one day, some girl who is going to appreciate you for who you are and who you are becoming every single day will have her father tell her this..

You will be the guy who sweeps her off her feet and be that lightning. So to all those gentlemen out there who are looking for the woman of your dreams…she will show up…but you have to be patient for all those jerks to weed themselves out of the playing field. Nice guys finish first…at least the ones who can keep running for a few miles 🙂