A Gentleman

A gentleman never talks down to women,

A gentleman never talks much about himself, 

He always holds the door, 

And looks to show respect just a bit more, 


A gentleman rarely swears, 

And never is involved in affairs, 

He stands up for those he loves, 

And goes to battle for friends with iron gloves,


A gentleman is always clean,

A gentleman is never mean,

He always holds his temper,

And significantly respects his elder,


A gentleman always looks to improve, 

Upon the life he so chooses, 

He will not interrupt you when your speaking,

And always listen to you and be thinking, 


Always help her put on her coat, 

And give her your arm,

Stand up when she enters the room, 

And tell her often…she’s more beautiful than the moon, 

Chivalry is dead? I think society making people accountable for their actions is dead. If you believe something is important enough, like being a gentleman, you will be one. Who cares if people laugh at you, giving others the utmost respect is all that matters. The art of being a gentleman is lost amongst my generation…and I am going to make a personal effort to revive it. This is why I don’t go out and party. I can’t stand seeing guys treat girls poorly. It actually really bugs me. My grandfather once told me, “If someone ever hurts a woman you love in your life, you make sure they know to never do that again.” I believe in that. Back in the day, if you even insulted someones significant other, you would get knocked right on your can. That is accountability at its finest. Nowadays, people can say almost anything and get away with it. There is something wrong with that.

I think being good to everyone is one of the most important things in the world. With kindness and respect, things can truly transform. I choose to live in this type of world…by living my life in that way.