I broke my personal best last night at the gym by finally breaking the 300lb mark with my bench press. I can’t tell how you incredibly happy I was. My body has come a long way since surgery, and I am starting to reach the point of where I was before it. However, my plan is not to get back to where I was, it is to surpass those previously made expectations. I expect a lot more out of myself these days, and the results will show that. It is always a great thing to attach measurable numbers to your goals. It not only helps you actually achieve your goals, but you have something tangible to work towards. So yesterday I crossed off one of my weightlifting goals and feel fantastic about myself. But as soon as I walk back up to those gym doors today, yesterday didn’t exist. It might sound corny, but the gym is a sacred place for me. It is a sanctuary where I can completely control every single thing as if I am the creator of my own world. I think when you start to see the gym like that…things really start coming your way.

Isn’t that really a cool concept? You are your creator. I really do believe this. Of course there are certain things that you cannot control (freak events etc) but mostly, you have complete control throughout your whole day. You can do absolutely whatever you want. One of the best quotes I have ever heard and I think it was by John Wooden when he said something like never mistake movement with action. I don’t think you can say it any more perfect than that. Just because you are moving around doesn’t actually mean you are doing anything. Create your plan and work your plan. Things may not always go according to plan, but get used to it because that is just life. I have always been a firm believer in putting your butt on the line every single day, rather than putting one cheek on the line. Yeah it is scary but who cares! The only way you can live fully is by putting yourself and your life on the line every day. Who will you be? Completely up to you.

There is something I learned over the summer that I want to remind everyone of. “In this moment, there is nothing. No Past. No Future. Nothing. It is perfect. Nothing to fix or change. From nothing, I create the possibility of being _____________ ” You can insert anything you want there. And this really is the truth. Don’t think that because you are being a certain way right now that you can’t change that instantly. It does take some awareness, but let me give you an example. This guy started arguing with me the other day and I started to get heated, and then all the sudden I actually threw him completely off guard. While he was yelling, I did a gut check and completely changed my demeanor. It actually stopped him dead in his tracks. He literally said, “Wait, what was that.” And I simply said to him, “Hey, I know your upset, lets just sit down and work this out.” The argument was completely extinguished and I was able to actually hear what was bugging him.

It is easy to think that the world is happening to you and you can’t do anything about it. But the truth is, you really have the ability to make your mark on the world. The next time someone is yelling at you, don’t ask the question “why are they yelling at me?” Ask, “Who am I being right now which is making them so upset?” It has taken me a very long way so far.

Be the creator of your world today,

Evan Sanders





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