I am my happiest when I am in the snow. Period. For me, there is nothing like carving down the mountain hearing the edges of my board cut through the snow. This weekend was about taking a mental break. Not that I needed one, but that I wanted one. It is so important to go out there into the world and do the things you love. Working out inside is great, but going out and doing what you are passionate about is also just as good. For me, snowboarding is my true mind cleanser. And it obviously worked as I woke up at 6 am this morning fired up and ready to go to a 7am workout. Having your mind right is one of the best ways you can succeed.

This is going to be an incredibly short post for one reason: my mind is clear. I have a completely blank slate and am going to do a lot with it this week. Being able to do the things I love is so rewarding, and this week is about giving back and saying thanks for everything. I can’t wait to see what the week brings, and look forward to hearing what is going on with you guys.

Go out there, clear your mind, and run after your goals.